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Death of Dr Roger Blackley (1953-2019)

It is with sadness that the Trustees of the New Zealand Art Crime Research Trust acknowledge the death of Dr Roger Blackley (1953-2019) on 15 May 2019 at Wellington.

roger blackley

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Roger will be remembered for his generous contribution to academia, his curatorial prowess, and as a gifted speaker and teacher.  Furthermore, the NZACRT would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Roger’s professional knowledge about fraudulent art and speaking out about it.  In 2015 Roger delivered a significant paper at the inaugural annual symposium outlining the differences between authentic and fraudulent Lindauer portraits, “When a Lindauer is not by Lindauer: Trust Waikato’s Kewene Te Haho.  He detailed his findings about the fraudulent ‘Lindauer’ Portrait of Kewene Te Hao, now in the Trust Waikato Collection, Hamilton.   Roger interrogated the portrait with a vengeance demonstrating his passion for Lindauer’s work and the importance of showcasing the art of forgery.  Furthermore, Roger suggested that a ‘Lindauer’ portrait the Alexander Turnbull Library were considering acquiring in 2013 was not authentic.  Against his better judgement they acquired it and subsequently confirmed that it was a forgery.  Roger was interviewed by RNZ about both of these cases.  Listen to Roger (and others) here:$75,000-wake-up-call-over-fake-painting

Thank you Roger for speaking up about these works.

For those of us who knew Roger, we will remember him for all of the above and lots more including what a wonderful sense of fun he had, and spending time with him was always such a treat.  RIP Dr Roger Blackley.